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Liz Dunoon

Liz Dunoon

Liz Dunoon is a teacher and a mother to three children with dyslexia. She is the author of four books including Helping Children With Dyslexia and the creator of the Speech to Spelling Code which is part of her online educational program The Ten Minute Tutor.

Liz has spent the last 15 years researching and studying school learning difficulties and now devotes her time to supporting individuals, parents and teachers. She does this via her online presence; recording videos, creating infographics and writing blogs, newsletters, and creating numerous student-based educational tools. Liz also liaises with federal and state education ministers, parents, teachers, schools, education and community services to educate and inform in order to create a positive change.

With appropriate, child based support, Liz knows that intelligent children, teens and adults with school learning difficulties can shine. She promotes pre and post teacher training, early screening of all students in schools experiencing learning difficulties, multi-sensory teaching and learning methods and the use of technology to ensure that the needs of struggling learners are met.

Her keyword is ‘Transformation’. Being educated about school learning difficulties is powerful – and a community of powerful people can bring about change for struggling learners.

Our Valuable Team Members

Cindy and Liz are lifelong best friends, having met when her family moved in next door to Liz’s at the age of two and half. Cindy started her career in Melbourne as a haematology scientist, specialising in diseases affecting children. Cindy is also a qualified high school teacher, currently working in retail while raising her family. She has now decided to turn her hand to writing. She has completed two novels, writes incredible poetry, stories for children and assists Liz with her weekly blog posts.
ShahrukhExecutive Assistant to Liz Dunoon
Shahrukh is our IT, technical and analytics manager. Computers and data are his best friend and he has worked as an IT analyst for an international bank and possesses an incredible memory for detail. Originally from Mumbai, India, Shahrukh is in Australia to complete a Masters in IT. He scores close to perfect marks in his coursework and assists Liz by tracking and reporting on everything we do. He makes this information accessible to our whole team, as he tracks our progress and manages our daily and weekly meetings.
FrancisWeb Developer, Customer Support
Francis resides in Manila in the Philippines and has been with Dyslexia Daily for over 5 years. He has helped to design and create all of our online platforms from this website, to Dyslexia Daily to The Ten Minute Tutor. Fast and efficient, Francis is an all-rounder who is skilled in all hardware and software requirements, graphic design, marketing and video editing. Able to quickly rectify any online issue and find solutions to online glitches at a moment’s notice, we are not sure if Francis ever sleeps.
MarkGraphic and Artistic Design
Mark also resides in the Philippines and has a background in IT. He is an incredibly talented artist and is the creative behind our mascot ‘Tiger 10 ‘in all his forms, many of our amazing educational posters, inspirational videos, blog posts, quote cards and memes. Mark takes Liz’s ideas and turns them into reality.
Fresh out of University, Tom is a talented photographer and videographer, who has worked on music videos, promotional campaigns and now Dyslexia Daily and the Speech to Spelling Code. Meticulous and creative in his approach, he writes scripts, edits and manages video projects from start to finish.
SharonGlobal Study Manager
Sharon was a high-level corporate accountant before she left the workforce to have children. Incredibly hard working and conscientious, she excels at project management and took on the role of Global Study Manager with enthusiasm and hit the ground running. She liaises with teachers, sets up their reporting systems and works diligently to provide evidence of the effectiveness of The Ten Minute Tutor in schools globally.
AndrewOnline Communication Strategy
Andrew is Liz’s husband and assists with big picture strategy, when it comes to communicating our messages to our world-wide audience. With a background in small business and operations, he can see a helicopter view of all of our different online entities and how they work together to provide our platform users with the best online experience. An all rounder in both bricks and mortar and online businesses, he is savvy in all areas of business and has a sound knowledge of accounting, IT and marketing.
Riley is currently studying psychology at university and works in a café and also a wedding reception venue. His 3rd job is for us, working on our Instagram presence and other social media platforms. Being young and switched on to the ways of social media change ,he is quick to find ways to spread our messages of how to support children with school learning difficulties to those who need them.
BronwenCustomer Service Manager
Bronwen is our go to person for any questions or requests pertaining to The Ten Minute Tutor. She will go out of her way to assist you when you have a query and to find a solution when you need help. If you email her on and she has not responded within 24 hours, check your junk folder because she is very diligent and doesn’t like to keep people waiting. If you have an idea, as to how we can provide an even better customer service, Bronwen is the person to talk to.