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Tanya Forbes

“I am very excited about the program because it gives parents the support they desperately need. You are truly inspirational Liz! You provide parents with the assistance not yet being provided by the education system.”


Once we had done the program for a couple of months which is where we are at now, we are noticing that Maddy can actually write the sounds. It might not be right spelling but she’s writing the sounds, so if I read something that she has written I can actually understand what she has read. This is a huge breakthrough. We’re very, very happy about that.

Thanks for taking the time, effort and having passion to put the program into action


Wow the program looks terrific. I’ve just listened to the first tutorial and can’t wait for the girls to get started.

You manage to make the video interaction very personal – and encouraging.
Lyn Gray

Pepper, age 11

I have improved with my reading and I have gone to the top of my reading group. I feel more confident to ask for help in the classroom. I have learned lots of strategies to work out my difficult words when I’m reading and spelling.

William, age 6

I have a hearing impairment which makes a lot of school work and other things hard for me to do. In spelling especially, I can’t hear all of the sounds.

Lyn Male

“I have found The program to be the only one available that uses a real teacher to help children who are struggling to learn to read and spell”


I like doing the program because I can fit it around my training and all my school work. I can even repeat tutorials in the car, on the way to school and on my ipad. Watching the inspirational interviews, It makes me know that I’m not limited and I’ve got choices and options for my future. I found it really motivational.

Thank you for providing a resource that will not only help our son in his reading development but is affordable for many families.


Videos are great and I think will really appeal to my daughter. Well done on creating such an innovative tool – wonderful to be able to access something like this here in the Northern Territory as support is otherwise very scarce!!!

I truly appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this and your heart to see other children succeed.

Jordan, age 12

I have a hearing impairment which makes a lot of school work and other things hard for me to do. In spelling especially, I can’t hear all of the sounds. The program has given me lots of tips and tricks to help with my spelling and grammar. What I like about it is how quick and easy it is to do. I sometimes do the program before school and sometimes after. I do it during my spare time as well. What it has taught me is that I can actually learn how to spell and use punctuation properly.

Dion, age 14

Before I have started the program, I struggled in my reading and my writing. Since I actually started it, I’ve done things I’ve never thought I’d do, like if I get stuck at reading; how I could fix it, and actually figuring out what the word was. I couldn’t read well. I think the program is really good to overcome reading problems. It has changed me dramatically because I used to not be able to read books because I was stuck up a lot in it. Now I can read massive books with a lot of chapters.