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Can you write phonetically? – Your child can

handwriting 1

Excerpt from The Australian Newspaper – Mother Imogen Stubbs

Whenever I do a presentation, I show my audience this paragraph from the Australian Newspaper and read it out aloud. By the time I get to the end of it, I have a lump in my throat, my eyes are filling with tears and I struggle to speak.

crowdI’m not sure what it is about these words that resonates with me so deeply, but I often go back to them and read them over. I think it’s the beauty of the words and the powerful way in which they convey the depth of despair this child feels when trying to write.

To me this is a beautiful piece of writing just the way it is.

Here is another one I use in my presentations.

handwriting 2

My audience always buzzes and excitement ripples through the room as the parents and teachers try to decipher what is written on the board.

It’s like a fun competition to see who can read it first, yet most teachers have seen this many times before, especially those who teach the younger year levels.

girl-woman-play-number-female-celebration-709836-pxhere.comSo here is my challenge to you. I want you to write me a sentence using phonetic spelling. Just as a child who is learning to write correctly spelt words, you’re going to find writing phonetically challenging. The tables have turned. Have some fun and enjoy yourself.

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