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The Chatterbox

I have lots of fantastic parents who visit my website and social media platforms and use the resources I create to help their children. This helps their children to get ahead in literacy and to catch up at school as well.

It’s so wonderful when they contact me to tell me how they are helping their children to improve their literacy skills.

I especially like to hear from parents whose children are enjoying my online reading and spelling program, The Ten Minute Tutor.

Recently I received a message on Facebook, from mum Lizzie, and her two gorgeous daughters; Jewel and Bella. Here are the photos she and the girls sent me.

This is what she wrote:

“Hi Liz my daughter wanted to send this to you specifically. I made this exciting chatterbox game to memorise the list of 152 words for my daughter and get them into her long-term memory. My daughter Jewel has dyslexia and has always struggled with memorising them. She loves doing your Ten Minute Tutor program and it has helped her a lot. She really enjoys playing the game and we wanted to share it with you. You can make different ones, with different words, when they have gone through them. You can also vary the activities at the end as well. We’ve made a video to show you, we hope you like it.”

This amazing family has taken my list of 152 common words your children should know and created a Chatterbox game. It’s one we’ve all played at school and kids still love playing it today.

Take a look at the video that Lizzie and her daughters sent me demonstrating how the Chatterbox game works.

You can see that they’ve taken words from the chart of the 152 common words. I teach these in The Ten Minute Tutor program. They have done the consonants in one colour and the vowels in red, just like I do! They have also put some messages on the inside too with physical activities to cement the learning. Now that is a great idea!

How gorgeous is this? I just love it. There’s colour, movement, a chatterbox to make it tactile and it’s kinaesthetic as well. It ticks all of ‘The Ten Minute Tutor’ boxes.

“When learning involves movement, colour, tactile cues and is kinaesthetic, it helps to cement the learning into a child’s long-term memory.”


I love that Lizzie and her girls, Jewel and Bella came up with this fantastic game to help them to remember their sight words. They are so excited that they have made a video to show me. I’m excited that Lizzie gave me her permission to share it with you, so you can do the same for your child or student.

Here’s a link to the 152 common sight words your child should know. You can use these words to make your own chatterbox to help your child learn their sight words. If you would, do let me know. I would like to hear about it.

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